Neuroscience-Driven Experiential Design Improves Brand Space. Boost foot traffic, engagement, and sales.


Attention is now currency, so brand experiences are mandatory. Insogni Studio understands your challenges: competition, commoditization, and customer loss. We help innovative brands like yours stand out, connect with their audience, and build loyalty.

Our neuroscience-based brand strategies connect with your audience to boost brand recall and loyalty. This scientific approach helps your brand's message be heard and remembered, boosting long-term success.

What you can expect

We make dreams, not designs. Our neuroscientists, behavioural psychologists, and experiential designers collaborate to create spaces that command attention. We tap into the subconscious, create visceral experiences, and make your brand memorable.

We give you THE edge in a market where 76% of consumers prefer experiences over products. Our neuro-science and behavioural psychology-based approach ensures that every design decision we make is meaningful.
Immersive Environments
Interactive displays
Seasonal Activations
Themed Environments
Pop-up Design
Atmosphere design
Branded Takeovers
Service Design
Bespoke Interiors
Sensory branding
Thematic Decor
Experiential Dining
Branded Takeovers

How we do it:

Discovery Phase
In the Discovery phase, we thoroughly discuss your goals, vision, and project requirements. We conduct research and analyse the target audience, establishing a shared vision and aligning our creative direction with your objectives.
Concept Development
During Concept Development, we transform ideas into tangible concepts, presenting a range of initial options. We collaborate closely with you to refine and shape these concepts based on feedback, ensuring the final design captures your unique essence.
Design Execution
We bring the chosen concept to life, focusing on details, aesthetics, and functionality. Our team uses their expertise in graphic design, typography, colour theory, and user experience to create visually compelling and engaging designs.
Development and Refinement
In this phase, we transition from static designs to functional deliverables, working closely with developers to implement the design across various mediums. This stage involves coding, prototyping, testing, and refining to ensure seamless user experiences and optimal performance.
Delivery and Support
In this final step, we deliver the completed project, providing all necessary assets and documentation. We offer ongoing support to address post-launch concerns and guide future design enhancements.